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Today's Headlines - 4/24/2014
Another swine flu case in Ahmedabad
The city saw a fresh case of swine flu on Wednesday.The patient in his late 50s was admitted to Sterling Hospital.The condition of the patient is believed to be stable, according to AMC health officials.
Bird Flu Found on California Quail Farm Spurs Export Bans
The disease known as bird flu has been found on a quail farm in California, prompting countries including Russia to ban poultry shipments from the state.
The flu is back. (It never really goes away.)
It may be spring, but a second wave of the virus is affecting parts of the country
Swine flu back in Delhi
Not just the common flu, H1N1 influenza or swine flu is also in circulation in the city.Recently, a 52-year-old man was diagnosed positive for the infection at Max Hospital in Patparganj.
Scientists say UK wasted 560m on flu drugs that are not proven
Britain stockpiled drugs for predicted bird flu in 2005 and swine flu in 2009 that independent scientists say are no cure The government has wasted half a billion pounds stockpiling two anti-flu drugs that have not been proved to stop the spread of infection or to prevent people becoming seriously ill, according to a team of scientists who have analysed the full clinical trials data, obtained ...
Ministry reports swine flu
(MENAFN - Arab Times) Kuwait city feb 3 (agencies): anumber of positive swine flu cases were reported by a health ministry official here on monday. these cases are receiving treatm...
Five changes can make H5N1 bird flu virus transmit among mammals, study finds
TORONTO - As few as five mutations can give an H5N1 bird flu virus the capacity to transmit among mammals instead of birds, a study published Thursday reveals. But it may give pause to those who argue that a bird flu virus cannot evolve to become transmissible from human to human. The research is the latest in a series of so-called gain of function studies, controversial experiments that ...
Cousin of swine flu victim who died after giving birth takes on fundraising challenge for premature baby ward
THE COUSIN of a young mother who died of swine flu days after giving birth is taking on an extreme obstacle challenge to raise funds for the neonatal unit caring for her premature baby girl.
Japan Curbs Chicken Shipments Following Bird Flu Outbreak
Japan has curbed the shipment of almost 400,000 chickens in the Kumamoto prefecture in the south following the nation's first occurrence of bird flu in three years. The restrictions will be lifted in early May if the outbreak is contained, an Agriculture Ministry official, Yoshihiro Kawada, told Bloomberg. About 112,000 chickens will be slaughtered by local authorities on 14 April, media reports ...
New bird flu strain linked to death of Chinese woman
Woman in Nanchang was infected with H10N8 bird flu virus, a strain not previously found in people Chinese authorities have said a 73-year-old woman has died after being infected with a bird flu strain not previously found in people, a development that the World Health Organisation called "worrisome". China's Centre for Disease Control and Prevention said the woman in Nanchang had been infected ...

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